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Walk Your Way to a More Joy Filled Life with the 100 Walks Challenge

Embrace the benefits of walking for the mind, body, and spirit. Take the pledge to complete 100 thoughtful walks – and rediscover the simple joy of movement.

I'm ready for this!

About the 100 Walks Challenge

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, like you’re living your life on autopilot, spending too much time staring at screens or running from task to task without really experiencing life…You’ve come to the right place. I’ve designed this challenge to get you started on a life-changing journey of walking to feel & heal.

This challenge is designed to inspire you to walk more and commit to a long-term walking goal. Did you know that walking can boost your immune function or that walking can make you a more creative thinker? Those are only a few examples of how a simple walking practice can help you create a happier life. Join the challenge to get started today.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

– John Muir

How It Works

The 100 Walks Challenge is simple:

By committing to this intuitive walking practice, you’ll boost energy, reduce stress, gain clarity and reconnect with yourself and nature in profound ways.

What You Get When You Join

This support will empower you to stay committed to the challenge, walk more mindfully, and fully embrace the life-changing power of movement.

Guided Walks

You'll get 3 walking prompts to help explore the power of mindful walking.

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Gratitude With Every Step

Start with a simple walk. Release expectations and just allow yourself to experience what comes.

Moments of Peace

Start with a simple walk. Release expectations and just allow yourself to experience what comes.
Tree in sunlit scene

In the Shelter of Trees

Start with a simple walk. Release expectations and just allow yourself to experience what comes.

Want More Support On Your Journey?

Take your walking practice to the next level with the 100 Walks Club. This supportive online community helps you stay motivated on your walking journey with tools to deepen your practice, challenges to inspire you, and celebrations of your accomplishments. Complete our foundational course on walking for wellbeing and start earning digital badges as you reach new milestones. When you reach 100 walks, we’ll even ship you a special embroidered badge to proudly display.

Challenge FAQs

How long does the challenge last?

As long as you need it to. The 100 Walks Challenge does not have any timeline. You set your own pace. You can do them in 3 days, 3 months or 3 years!

What is a walking prompt?

Think of a walking prompt as a tool you can use explore a theme that can help you work towards feeling or healing. Our walking prompts are designed to provide a topic or focus for the you to use on your walk. They encourage you to think, observe, or reflect on specific aspects of the walk’s theme.

Does the challenge cost anything?

No way! The challenge is absolutely free. I want to inspire as many people as possible to access the transformative power of walking.  If you are looking for more hands-on guidance and inspiration, you can join the 100 Walks Club for a small subscription price that helps me continue this work.

Where can I share photos and thoughts about my walks?

Share your photos and thoughts on social media using the hashtag #100walkschallenge   If you are a member of the 100 Walks Club sharing in our private Facebook group is a great way to connect with other challenge takers.

Do I get anything if I complete the challenge?

We’ve designed a special digital badge for everyone who completes the 100 Walks Challenge.  Once you’ve finished your walks, simply send us your info via the form in your challenge packet and we’ll email you your badge.  You can share it on social or simply keep it as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished.  If you join the 100 Walks circle, we’ll upgrade that badge from a digital badge to an embroidered badge!

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