Fall back in love with life after loss through mindful walking, free from problem-focused self-help solutions or alternatives that neglect the body & soul.



Who is the 100 Walks Club for?

We’re here to guide you on a transformative walking journey that will help you fall back in love with life after a traumatic loss like the death of a loved one, a divorce or a breakup.

The 100 Walks Club is a good fit for you if:

You’re facing the challenge of rebuilding daily routines after a significant loss, tentatively stepping towards a new normal.

You’ve lost a lot. You’ve worked through the initial shock of grief and now you’re trying to find a new way to navigate your life.

You’re ready to move forward, despite the lingering pain of loss and the struggle to see beyond your grief, ready to take steps towards healing.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve navigated the initial shock of losing a relationship or someone you loved and are now at a crossroads, feeling the fatigue of grief yet sensing a readiness to start healing. You’ve been getting through each day, but the absence of passion or joy has been palpable. Your tired of:

  • Trying to keep busy with work or hobbies to distract from the pain but finding that these activities don’t quite touch the deep sense of loss and uncertainty about how to truly heal.
  • Attending support groups, hoping to find the key to moving forward, but still feeling stuck, as if you’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle in your healing journey.
  • Reading books and articles about healing, seeking guidance and understanding, yet feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of advice and not knowing where to start.
  • Experimenting with new routines and habits, hoping to find something that eases the pain, but each attempt feeling like a reminder of how much has changed,

And still feeling empty and alone, with each attempt to distract from the aching loss falling short, leaving you longing for answers about how to move forward into an uncertain future forever transformed by the absence what you lost.

Imagine instead a nurturing journey that acknowledges and respects your grief, unfolding in a way that feels right for you. A path where you:

  • Find comfort in simple joys, allowing them to gently ease the weight of your loss and renew your sense of wonder.
  • Embrace new adventures and explorations as paths to healing, transforming each experience into a step towards resilience and gratitude.
  • Experience a holistic transformation, not just emotionally, but physically too, as the act of walking becomes a reliable ally in navigating the complex landscape of grief and loss.
  • Allow the thrill of new experiences to provide a counterbalance to grief, gradually reopening your heart to the excitement of life.
  • Build a deep, mutual bond with nature, letting its nurturing presence, supportive environment, and inspiring beauty become a cornerstone in your path to recovery.

Sounds better, doesn’t it?


Meet Your Guide

Hello there! I’m Kate – your guide on this journey. I started taking walks after a sudden breakup of a long-term relationship. On my first walk, a thought popped into my head – what if I took 100 walks – what would my life look like then? And it was that thought that gave me hope for the first time in a long time.

Over the course of those 100 walks I was able to regain my love of life without having to go to use therapeutic methods that were fixated on my problems or undergo solutions that only treated my mind and not my body and spirit. Even better, I created a powerful relationship with nature that allows me to find support whenever I need it and I will forever be thankful that I took that first step.

Me on one of my very first walks

But things weren't always like that for me...

Before I began a walking practice, I was so lost in my pain that I didn’t know how to cope with all the emotions loss brings. Like many others I also had unresolved grief from the death of loved ones a few years prior. Physically, I was spending way to much time indoors and I wasn’t in great shape. I tried therapy, antidepressants, long phone calls with friends, but nothing made me feel better.

It seemed like no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t quite rediscover my passion for life and I was stuck in a cycle of sadness, guilt, fear, loneliness and resentment. But that’s when it hit me. I needed to try something different, an approach that didn’t keep me fixated on my thoughts but instead something that would help me stop fixating on what I lost and learn how to love life again.  I needed something that gave me hope that things could get better, maybe not that day but someday and for me, I knew that someday was when I reached 100 walks.

I completed 100 walks and many more. They weren’t always pretty or easy but they all taught me something and eventually they transformed my pain into joy.

  • I discovered how solitary walks allowed my true feelings to be expressed and worked through.
  • Even in my pain I was able to find moments of peace as my walks naturally kindled awe and curiosity in me.
  • I became physically and mentally stronger which helped me to cope with the strong emotions I was feeling.
  • I grew to be more connected to nature, finding solace and support in an entirely new way.
  • I had something to look forward to again and that alone was worth the journey.

And the best thing about it all? I fell back in love with life. I remembered what was truly important and experienced the beauty of exploration, both inner and outer, the power of hope and the healing energy of nature while still acknowledging the importance of what I lost.

Introducing The 100 Walks Club

The first step by step membership designed to help you heal from loss through mindful walking.


Navigate Grief with our Foundational Course

All members receive access to the 100 Walks to Heal Your Grieving Heart Course designed to help you take your first 100 walks while navigating and moving through grief. Begin your personal 100-walk journey, letting this profound experience weave into the fabric of your healing process.

The 100 Walks to Heal Your Grieving Heart Course forms the cornerstone of your 100 Walks journey.

This 3-phase program guides you through processing emotions, nurturing self-care, and renewing purpose. Each module aligns with a designated number of walks, facilitating the effortless application and integration of what you learn.

Phase 1

Navigating Big Feelings After Big Change


Over walks 1-10 you’ll learn how to validate that this transition is incredibly difficult, so you don’t feel alone in your struggles, without diminishing the uniqueness of your personal grief.


Over walks 11-20 you’ll set intentions to guide your healing, so you have a self-compassionate roadmap for the path ahead, without rigid rules or timelines.


Over walks 21-30 you’ll discover how to identify sources of comfort and beauty amidst the pain, so you remember light still exists along the journey, without needing to feel happy or optimistic all the time.

Phase 2

Practicing Deep Self Care & Healing


Over walks 31-40 you’ll cultivate self-compassion by acknowledging your inherent worth and gently reminding yourself of your own value and strength.


Over walks 41-50 you’ll connect with nature’s healing gifts – fresh air, trees, birdsong. Receive what you need.


Over walks 51-60 you’ll embrace your walks as an adventure and opportunity to explore. Allow curiosity and playfulness to uplift your spirit.

Phase 3

Crafting Renewal, Purpose and Possibility


Over walks 61 – 70 you’ll concentrate on recognizing and cherishing the small blessings around you, cultivating a deeper sense of gratitude. Discover and savor the beauty present in this very moment.


Over walks 71-80 you’ll consider what gives your life meaning, purpose and hope, despite the challenge.


Over walks 81 – 90, as you become ready, you’ll envision what you hope your next chapter may bring. You get to shape what comes next. You’ll then take your final 10 walks using our proprietary set of walking techniques that you can use again and again in the future.

Keep Walking & Earn Badges

Sometimes you need extra motivation to keep you going. In the club we make it fun! Earn badges highlighting your accomplishments. You'll get digital awards for seasonal challenges, and the milestones you reach. After 100 walks, you'll even receive a special physical badge. Whether you need a daily push or milestone motivation, each new badge tracks progress and inspires the next step. Keep earning, keep walking, keep healing one day at a time.

Find Your Spark Again Through Monthly Challenges

Let our monthly challenges (we call them trails) help you fall back in love with life. We focus our challenges not on the pain of loss but on opportunities to move towards joy. Through carefully crafted activities and reflections, each challenge becomes a compassionate guide, gently encouraging you to rediscover moments of happiness and connection amid your journey of grief.

Deepen Your Walking Practice With Immersive Resources

Our immersive resources provide inspiration to deepen your walking practice.

  • Access our walking prompt library for quick ways to catalyze positive change through walking.

Our aim is to provide you with endless inspiration to help you use walking as a tool to heal from loss and rediscover yourself along the way.

Connect Through Community Events

Periodically we meet up to recognize how far we've come, share the journey so far, and set the stage for the walks yet to be - together. Events Include:

  • Celebrations: Focused time to celebrate member accomplishments.
  • Walk Show & Tell: Dedicated time for members to exchange tales, insights, and highlights from their walks.
  • Grief Chats: Periodically, we bring in speakers to share valuable insights to help navigate the challenges of loss.

Get Support From A Community That Understands

In our private Facebook community, we navigate life's journey side by side, acknowledging the shared road of both joys and losses. You'll find compassion during rocky stretches, and celebrations when milestones are reached, recognizing that struggles and triumphs alike are part of the journey through grief. In moments of doubt, find strength in our community. No one in the 100 Walks Club walks alone through the challenges of loss.

Ready to walk your way to more joy?


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12 walking prompts for rapid relief of the most challenging emotions you may encounter on your grief journey.

Feel better without resorting to ineffective coping strategies that leave you trapped in your emotional struggle.

Includes prompts for when you feel lost.fearful.sad.angry.guilty.yearning.anxious.lonely.exhausted.hopeless.numb.bitter.

Join now and you’ll get instant access to:

  • All 9 lessons in the Walking Through Grief Course ($349 value)
  • Digital Badges and Walk Tracker ($99 value)
  • Physical Badge when you reach 100 walks ($25 value)
  • Monthly Challenges ($149 monthly value)
  • Walking Prompt Library ($99 value)
  • Audio Mediations ($49 value)
  • Community Events ($49 value per event)
  • Facebook Community (priceless)
  • Bonus: Grief Relief Kit ($49 value)

Total Value = Over $800
Your price = $7 / month

Special Founding Member Price: Lowest ever, yours for life.

Transform your grief into a more joyful life
for less than the price of one dinner a month


But wait, what if I sign up and decide it's not for me?

No worries.  The 100 Walks Club comes with a 7-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide the club is not right for you, just send us an email at hello@100walks.com within 7 days of purchase with a request for a refund and will return what you paid for the 100 Walks Club back to your payment method.

What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?
~ E. M. Forster

Frequently asked questions

Who is the 100 Walks Club for?

The 100 Walks Club is designed for people who have experienced a traumatic loss whether that is a death of a loved one, a divorce or breakup or a significant challenge or hardship. It is best for people who have dealt with the initial shock of loss and are ready to work through the pain and start moving towards joy.

The club isn’t meant to replace therapy; it’s more like a helpful addition to other tools that support your healing journey. We think it’s best to join when you’re ready to move forward, without feeling pressured to take steps you’re not prepared for. If you’re not there yet, no worries—the club will be here whenever you are. And if you’re dealing with serious distress or need intense help, please consider reaching out to a grief counselor or support group in your area.

I am not in the best physical shape - can I still join?

Yes! Walking is required but how you walk is up to you (short walks, urban walks, forest walks, easy walks, hard walks, it’s your pick).

My loss was not recent. Would the club still work for me?

Absolutely. The club is designed for people who have gotten over the initial shock of loss and are ready to work through their grief.  It doesn’t matter when your loss took place, just that you are in a space where you are reading to work on healing from your loss.

Is this online or inperson?

All of the events, the community, the walk tracker & badges are virtual.  All your walks are done where you want to do them.

If I don't like the club, can I cancel?

If for any reason you decide the club is not right for you, just send us an email at hello@100walks.com within 7 days of purchase with a request for a refund and will return what you paid for the 100 Walks Club back to your payment method.

If I don't like the club, can I cancel?

If for any reason you decide the club is not right for you, just send us an email at hello@100walks.com within 7 days of purchase with a request for a refund and will return what you paid for the 100 Walks Club back to your payment method.

Is this a replacement for therapy?

No, this club doesn’t replace therapy. It’s inspired by my own journey of healing and is designed to complement other healing methods. We always encourage seeking professional support if your grief is leading to challenges that are overwhelming or interfering with your daily life. Our club provides a supportive community and resources, but professional guidance is crucial for deeper emotional struggles related to grief.

What happens after I take 100 walks?

When you reach 100 walks you’ll receive a special celebration gift from us, the 100 Walks Badge, a real physical badge that we will send in the mail to you. You get to set your next goal – 50 more walks, 200 walks, it’s up to you! You are welcome in the club as long as it helps you keep walking, growing and healing.

Is there a minimum length of membership?

No. You can join for as little or as long as you like.

Sign up for the waitlist & you’ll be the first to know when doors open.

Discover how to use walking to heal from loss alongside a supportive community and create a walking practice that transforms you pain into joy, exploration and awe.