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Discover the Transformative Power of Mindful Walking


Welcome to 100 Walks!

Here, you’ll embark on a gentle journey of healing and growth. Whether you’re seeking comfort from loss or looking to add more joy to your life, mindful walking can help. With mindful walking, each step is an invitation to mend and rediscover the subtle joys of life. 🌻

Why Walk?

Walk to Deepen Your Connection to Nature

The wind teaches us lessons.Β  The sun-warmed earth can support us in our most challenging times. Walking gives us the ideal opportunity to grow our relationship with nature.

Walk to Grow Joy

Research has shown that mindful walking can have incredible benefits for your sense of well-being.Β  We take an intentional approach to growing joy by creating opportunities for inspiring encounters, cultivating gratitude & spending time exploring & adventuring.

Walk to Heal

Walking provides the perfect space to heal following loss. We all experience loss in various forms, whether it’s losing a loved one, the end of a relationship, changes due to aging, the loss of a job, or other subtle shifts in life. A walking practice is a wonderful way to holistically work through the pain and move forward on a healing path.

A Step by Step Approach Reawakening to Life’s Beauty and Wonder

The Tools You Need to Access the Transformative Power of Walking