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Today I went to the forest. I didn’t go deep. I stood on the outskirts. I was needing something – the strength of the trees, the playfulness of the squirrels, the gentle bending of the leaves.

I never know what it is I need when I go to the woods. But that is as it should be. The woods answer questions that I can not name and it heals things I do not even know are broken.

I stood still and in that stillness, the movement around me became amplified. And so I began to notice it. First the squirrel, sitting on the nub of a tree where a branch once grew, nut in hands, chewing happily. Next, more squirrels dotted here and there amongst the trees. Then the leaves, swaying up and down on the breeze. Birds flying from tree to tree. Bugs crawling up the bark of a tree.

If you are feeling tired or weary, go to the woods. Stand very still. Notice the movement around you.

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