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When I was driving to work the other day I saw 2 small birds, what looked to be blackbirds, dive-bombing a hawk. One of the two birds was especially aggressive, literally landing on the flying hawk again and again. A quick touchdown followed by a sprint into the air.

The hawk did nothing but fly away, swerving here and there to avoid the small birds attacks.

Come to find out that this behavior is called mobbing and is frequently exhibited when birds are protecting young ones or coming together to fend off predators.

My question is how do you come up with the courage little birds? Your tiny feet a smidge of a fraction of the size of the hawk’s talons. One swift move of the hawk and your life is gone. But you do it anyway. Somehow you’re courage grows, you find the strength and you chase off a larger, stronger, fiercer opponent.

And hawk, they say you don’t want to waste the energy to kill your attacker. Somehow I don’t believe that. It seems it would be easier to remove the threat then to swerve and dive and avoid the nuisance. I like to believe that you admire the little birds. You honor them by not fighting back.

Life respecting life.

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